Bringing the world of lemurs—and lemur scientists—to you

At LemurStories, you will ride along with researchers on their adventures in the jungles and forests of Madagascar. You will learn about lemurs, one of the most amazing—and endangered—primate groups in the world.

We hope these short stories show that science is not just “words in text books,” but an exciting world of discovery that is all around us.

Many of these scientists were not much different than you when they were your age. Though they took many different paths to where they are today, they each made a choice to embrace the adventure of becoming a research scientist. Their discoveries are changing the way the world understands lemurs. Could you be the next to join them?

LemurStories is a collaboration between Stanford/Wharton educated children’s author “Mister Lemur,” award winning primatologist Dr. Patricia Wright, scientists at Stony Brook University, and the Centre ValBio in Madagascar’s Ranomafana National Park.

Enjoy the stories, and please contact us with any questions, comments, or suggestions! Please also consider contributing to the Centre ValBio’s conservation efforts through the link on the right. Thanks!

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